Wool News from Unique Carpets, Inc.

We recently received this news in an email from Unique Carpets, Inc. They provide top-quality woolen carpets and rugs. Informational and fun.

Sheep Seldom Shiver

Sheep Seldom Shiver -- Woolen carpet from Unique Carpets, Inc.

Sheep Seldom Shiver — Woolen carpet from Unique Carpets, Inc.

Why is that you might ask?  Well, it’s partly because wolves can hear teeth chattering from a thousand meters, but mainly it’s because sheep are well insulated with their own coat of natural, home-grown wool. By the way, this article appeared in our very first newsletter over four years ago but based on this never-ending winter, we thought it would be a good thing to re-visit it. So here we go: When used as floor-covering wool is not only soft and elegant underfoot, it “breathes”, absorbing moisture when humid and releasing it when conditions are dry. This combined with wool’s heralded natural insulating properties helps keep things cool and comfortable during the hottest months and warm and cozy during the colder months (please note that last part). In fact, wool carpet is unquestionably the BEST insulating material available for use as an interior textile. As a result it can greatly reduce energy costs since tearing out the heater and replacing it with a nuclear- powered 875,000 BTU turbine-fed forced-air unit may not be necessary with a properly insulated floor.

Product Review – Softer Than Sisal

Softer than Sisal carpet from Unique Carpets, Inc.

Softer than Sisal brand from Unique Carpets, Inc.

What was it that drove so many people to this product upon its introduction in 1993? Was it the unique name? We have to admit Softer Than Sisal is an odd name for a wool loop-pile carpet and it might seem pretty obvious that a wool carpet would be softer than sisal. If it is the name we might want to consider Softer Than Granite for an upcoming launch. Upon introduction, Softer Than Sisal immediately became our number one selling product by a considerable margin. We could say that if not due to the name, its popularity must be due to its unique combination of six ends of yarn twisted and spun into a magnificently pure blend of subtle heather color-ways, but those sorts of things rarely show in samples, only after installation when the carpet looks far better on the floor than it did in samples and again years after installation when it still looks better than ever. Perhaps it’s because of its assortment of natural colorways. But as you know, we have no shortage of assortments of natural color-ways. Well, we have to admit we’re stumped but we can tell you that in over twenty years, Softer Than Sisal has never been anything less than our number one selling product. Again in 2014 it outsold its nearest competitor by nearly three to one: An amazing feat in a fashion-driven industry where fame is fleeting. So if you’re looking for satisfied customers and a fashionable statement in 100% pure wool with an unsurpassed and lengthy history of beauty and durability, Softer than Sisal should be on the top of your list, we just can’t tell you why.




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