David Morris, Inc. offers a full line of flooring products from leading manufacturers. We offer hard-to-find products as well, from manufacturers and product lines other stores are not authorized to stock.

If you need enough flooring for an entire office building or just for a small room in your house, we’re the ones to talk to. Bring us your difficult project or sophisticated requirements and we’ll get you what you need.


CarpetWe carry carpet from approximately fifteen brands and manufacturers for residential, commercial, and institutional applications. We have hundreds of carpet samples on the premises so you can be sure you’ll find exactly the right thing for your decorating vision. Other carpet stores carry only the major lines from a few big mills, which can severely limit your options. But David Morris Inc. has been in business for over fifty years and we have relationships with many lesser-known brands that produce superior products. This means we can show you a wider variety, and get it for you at a low price that is likely to surprise you.

Wool Carpet

Wool CarpetWool makes a luxurious-feeling and long-lasting carpet. Many of the earliest carpets ever produced were wool, and all fine oriental rugs are made from this natural product and renewable resource. Is it any wonder that wool is still highly sought-after by people with discriminating tastes and by designers looking for a sophisticated look and feel? Wool is also very long-lasting, and with proper care can remain fresh and new-looking for decades.

David Morris, Inc. carries wool carpets and rugs from a number of manufacturers, for both residential and commercial applications: Karastan, Hibernia Woolen Mills, Unique Carpets, Van Dyck, and Godfrey Hirst.

Shaw Floors Lifetime Pet Stain Warranty

Shaw with pet stain warrantyThere’s no reason your beloved pet should not enjoy your luxurious new carpet as well!

Ask us about carpet from Shaw Floors. They have four lines of residential carpet, each with a lifetime pet urine stain warranty. Their warranties also cover other stains and soil, texture retention, abrasive wear, quality assurance and other issues, for varying durations depending upon the product line. It’s one of the best warranties in the carpet business and for people with pets Shaw is the go-to brand.


KarastanKarastan® carpets and rugs invite you to “Live Beautifully.” Timeless quality, luxury, and character are Karastan hallmarks, and have been since 1928. Countless fine homes and celebrity residences are appointed with fine carpets and rugs from Karastan the world over. David Morris, Inc. is proud to offer the complete Karastan line, with special emphasis on their wool carpets. Karastan is one of the world’s largest importers of New Zealand Wool. From Farm to Floor, Karastan’s wool carpeting and rugs are one of the most environmentally friendly products that can be used in your home. We also offer their Metropolitan Collection and their SmartStrand® collection which features permanent, built-in stain protection.

Hardwood, Bamboo, Laminate, and Engineered Floors

Hardwood, bamboo, laminate, engineered floorsNowadays, the term “hardwood” is often used generically in reference to any floor that looks like real wood. Indeed, some of the finest homes and retail establishments feature a distinctive floor of glowing hardwood: real planks of fine wood finished with a tough surface that nonetheless allows the character of the wood to shine through. David Morris, Inc. carries a number of true hardwood flooring products from industry leaders.

We also carry the best “engineered” products available. Engineered floors may have a natural hardwood veneer applied over a special manufactured core for strength, stability, and moisture resistance. Others use an extremely hard and scratch-resistant polymer surface created through an advanced photographic process to mimic the look of real wood. Still others use varying thicknesses of real wood that has been impregnated with extremely tough resins, for the eye-catching appearance and varying grain patterns found in traditional sawn planks yet with the durability only modern industrial processes can impart. Engineered products have been increasingly replacing solid hardwood wherever the ambiance of real wood is desired but the wear resistance of a manufactured product is needed.

Somewhere between traditional hardwood and engineered flooring lies bamboo. This rapidly-growing plant is a renewable resource, whose intelligent cultivation cuts down on rainforest deforestation. When the hard woody stalks of the giant bamboo are properly cured, they can be sawn into strips and laid up next to each other in remarkably beautiful and durable planks. Bamboo continues to be one of the leading design themes in fine home and business remodels, and David Morris, inc. carries some of the best.


VinylToday’s vinyl flooring is a quantum leap beyond what we saw when we were kids. In just the past few years, new polymers and new production processes have turned vinyl flooring into a desirable design element in some of the finest homes and businesses around.

Want the look of tile without the expense and the cold feet? Want something that’s easy to clean but has a classy appearance? Do you need a tough surface and a polished look for high-traffic areas? Try vinyl from Tarkett, Burke Mercer, Azrock, or Congoleum that looks like tile, stone or even wood planks but is easier to install, is softer to the touch, and is warmer on those feet in the morning. Vinyl is practical. Vinyl is affordable. Best of all, modern vinyl has the elegant touch that helps turn a utilitarian kitchen or bath into a lifestyle showpiece.

Commercial and Institutional Products

Commercial and institutionalDavid Morris, Inc. can help you get exactly the right carpet, hardwood, manufactured floor, or vinyl for your office, coffee shop, medical suite, nursing home, skyscraper, retail store, school, or any other commercial or institutional building. We carry commercial-grade products from Atlas, Azrock, Bigelow, Mannington, Charleston, DuChateau, Congoleum, Greenwood Products, and others. We’ll get you the best price on solutions for elegant public spaces and lobbies, meeting rooms, gymnasiums, classrooms, production buildings, guest suites, restaurants, and anything else. From elegant to quirky, from cozy to robustly practical, we’ve got access to the best products available. Our installers are experienced and professional, to get your floor in place with minimum disruption to your business.



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